A Taylor Oktoberfest

Taylor Linens - Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A new tradition has cropped up in our family over the past five years or so, we now celebrate Oktoberfest! It's a fun reason for everyone to get together before the holidays start, eat yummy sauerkraut, potatoes and brats and Lynne's scrumptious rolls. We are big on get-togethers. And rolls. Especially when we can congregate at Grandma's house.

This last weekend Lynne put on the big event and thirty-one of us arrived, many decked out in dirndles and lederhosen. My (Julie's) hubby Brad and I usually do but since my preggo tummy will no longer fit in my dirndle that idea was out this year. Not that I mind - baby is so worth it. Below are cousins Annie and Brian in their German best.


This year Alison and her hubby Andy had a the brilliant idea of making a pumpkin keg! I kid you not, it was amazing.(sorry some of these pictures are so grainy, it was dark and we used our phones...)


Greg helped clean it out in Grandpa's old shed, they attached a spigot and Hurrah! A pumpkin keg! This will definitely be at every future Oktoberfest.  


After all the sausage, potatoes, rolls, beers, kraut, pies, cakes and coffee had been consumed we settled in to the living room and Scott and Greg led us in a sing-along. We started with Edleweiss as per tradition then moved into some hymns and old favorites. So much fun.


 I, personally, am SO excited for fall and all the coziness and family time that come along with the cooler temperatures. Not to mention our quilts and pajamas that we can finally layer on with abandon!

 Happy Fall friends!!